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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes eAutomotive Group Inc special from any other used car lot?

We are a small family owned business that does nothing in a small way. Each of our team members has grown up around cars. We have a passion to provide quality customer service and quality cars without braking your budget.

Unlike most car lots out there that specialize in late year model vehicles that make you cash in your 401k, mortgage the house or take out a 5-8yr loan; eAutomotive Group specializes in Clean, Affordable Vehicles Under $6k (with only a few exceptions).

A large majority of our buyers are first time buyers (high school and college students), people that need a commuter car, or people that are just getting back on their feet and need something budget friendly but reliable.

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But there’s 1000’s of car lots in the same price range. Why buy from us?

Simple. Where other’s business plan revolves around profit and moving the next car. Usually they’ll buy the car, put a price on it and wait for the sale.

We care enough to inspect every vehicle we sell. We repair any issues with the vehicle. They get professionally detailed AND we do a thorough market analysis to make sure we’re offering great value and a great price.

Do you sell Salvage/Rebuilt/Branded Titles?

We specialize in clean title vehicles. Once in a while we’ll have a branded title car that was traded in to us. This will have a Notice of Salvage on the window and these get the frame/structure checked thoroughly before we’re comfortable putting our name on it.

How can I find out about the history of your cars?

All of our vehicles come with a free Carfax report! You can access this while browsing through our inventory or come in and ask for the Carfax history report!

Can you hold a car for me and I can come back later to purchase it?

If you need a couple days to arrange financing or transfer money to complete the purchase, you can put a hold on any vehicle on our lot.

You can hold a vehicle with a simple $200.00 deposit that can be done in person or over the phone. This will hold a vehicle for 2-3 days. If You need more time, you can make arrangement to extend the hold with additional deposit. Because we are a high-volume dealer and we move them quick, no vehicle can be held more than two weeks.

Any deposit received will be applied to the purchase price of the vehicle. Deposits are non-refundable due to the fact that this prevents us from doing any deal with other potential buyers while your financing is taking place.

How negotiable are your prices?

Short answer? We price them as low as possible up front. After all, we are a volume dealer.

We have a no-nonsense approach to our business, and pricing is no different.

Where most dealers buy a car, tag a high price on it and wait to negotiate. We put in the work to buy, inspect, repair and detail every vehicle. We include a full Carfax report on every vehicle we sell. To top it all off, we compete with the dealers that don’t do any of this and typically beat their price. Feel free to compare ours with the rest. You’ll be impressed!

What’s the out the door price?

  • Sales Price
  • +$395 Doc fee
  • +7.25% sales tax
  • +$150-250 DMV Fees
  • =Total Price

What is a doc fee?

This is a Dealer Documentation and Preparation Fee. All dealers charge this fee, it is not set or state regulated. This is a fee to the dealer to prepare and process your paper work and your vehicle. We shop around for the best vehicles to put on our lot. We then put each of them through our inspection process, repair any issues that compromise safety or performance of the vehicle, clean them and then put them up for sale. After the sale we complete all of your paperwork and plates. This fee covers our cost in this process to provide the best car for you and your family.

What payment methods do you take?

Cash, Personal Check, Cashier Check, Credit/Debit Cars, Venmo, Paypal.

How long is the Buying Process?

Once you’ve decided to buy, we can typically have you on your way in 20-30 minutes. Yeah, that’s no joke! Where bigger car stores use time to their advantage to wear you down and sell you additional items, we focus on getting you back to your busy life as soon as possible. Unless you bring tacos, then you can stay as long as you want.

How do I receive my plates and title?

We do all of the running around and waiting at the DMV to register your vehicle for you! You drive away with a temporary permit that is good for 45 days. We get your license plates, registration, and title work processed within 2-4 weeks. Once we receive your license plates, we mail them directly to you. All you have to worry about is put them on.

The title takes another 2-4 weeks to be processed by the DMV who then mails it out directly to you or your Credit Union if you got a loan.

What kind of financing do you offer?

We run our business as lean and nonsense-free as possible, and therefore do not offer any financing at this point. If you do need a loan, our experienced team will guide you on how to get one. It’s typically as simple as walking in to your Credit Union with a Buyers Order and applying for the loan. They’ll process it and you walk away with a check right then and there.

Here’s the nonsense you don’t typically get to see: Dealers that offer financing almost always receive a cut of your deal from the lender, which in turn comes out of your pocket. They also tag on additional costs and fees to “pad their deal”

Will you take my trade in?

Yes!! If you wish to trade in your vehicle, we can have one of our buyers evaluate your vehicle while you test drive ours. This process usually takes about 15 minutes. You will get to see the evaluation sheet and talk over the offer. On top of the value given, you get a tax break which means more money for your car!

How often do you get new cars?

We are posting new inventory almost daily. Keep an eye on our inventory page

Where did Sergio get his hat?

Sergio is a fashionista full of pizazz! He shops all over the place for his hats but is always looking for a good deal! If it’s on clearance it’s on his head!! Stop in to check out his latest find!